Mental Health Program

Program Description​​

The Sherwood Park PCN Mental Health (MH) Program offers the following services to its member physician's on a referral-only basis:

Navigational Assistance – information and direction about community resources will be provided to your patients after brief telephone screening w. a MH Navigator.

MH Initial Assessment – conducted through face-to-face interviews by graduate level trained MH Clinicians. Initial assessments include:  pertinent history, clinical impressions, and treatment recommendations.  MH Clinicians see children pre-school and up as well as adults of any age.  The PCN does not do specialized geriatric assessments, but will recommend referral on to the appropriate services.

Psychiatric Consultation – The PCN currently benefit from the part-time help of three psychiatrists (Dr. Ko, Dr. Guinhawa, and Dr. Vatts). These consults can assist you by providing diagnostic clarity and treatment (including medication) recommendations. They are also open to taking phone calls from you to discuss any treatment related questions/challenges you are facing with respect to any of your patients they have seen. Dr. Ko is involved in hosting psychiatric resident (4th & 5th year) on Monday afternoons, so you may see some other doctors names on some of your reports.

MH Treatment – The PCN offers two treatment groups; Changeways (CBT for depression) and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Anxiety). Both groups are closed groups that meet weekly for 8 weeks. Potential participants are screened for suitability by MH Clinicians, and several groups are run each year. In cases where patients are being referred on to another resource and that resource is not able to accommodate quickly enough, interim care is offered to such patients. 

MH Classes - A variety of 90 min. classes are offered on topics such as: bereavement, management of stress/anxiety, sleep, assertiveness, and retirement. While this is the only component of the program that does not require a physician referral, it is encouraged that our physicians to keep up to date with classes being offered, so they can recommend them to patients.

Referral Process

PCN member physicians may fax referrals to the PCN MH Clinic at 780-416-0139.

If the patient is seen by a mental health clinician, a consultation letter summarizing any presenting concern(s), pertinent history, the MH clinician's clinical impression and treatment recommendations will be sent within two business days of being seen.

If the patient is seen by a PCN psychiatric consultant, the referring physician will receive a psychiatric consultation report, typically within 2-3 weeks of the consultation session. These reports outline diagnosis, clinical presentation, and treatment recommendations, and offer the referring physician practical advice on the recommended course of action.  In cases where more immediate action is required, Psychiatrists will send a hand written note to the referring physician to avoid delays in treatment initiation/adjustment. 

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