Diabetes Program

The Sherwood PCN has implemented a comprehensive program to help patients achieve self-management of their diabetes. 

Upon referral, appropriate patients will be booked into an information session to review the options available for diabetes management.  One of the options will be to register into the PCN diabetes program. 

The Diabetes Program is a 6-month program to help people manage their diabetes.  The program involves regular appointments with a diabetes clinician in person, and by telephone.  

Program Summary:

1) A review of blood sugars, A1C, blood pressure, cholesterol, kidney function, medications and/or insulin, and lifestyle.

2) Patients will complete a couple of short surveys.

3) The PCN clinician will order appropriate lab work for the 3 month and 6 month assessments. 

4) A foot screen will be performed for patients who have not had a foot screen in the past year.

5) Patients will receive a passport to record their goals, targets and recommended tests.

6) Instruction on the use of a glucose monitor if they do not currently own a monitor.

7) A program outline will be reviewed with the patient. They will be required to sign of a letter of commitment to participate in the program.

8) Patients will be discharge from the program after the 6 month assessment (exceptions will be considered on an individual basis).  

Patients will be discharged from the program after two missed appointments (no show) or after three consecutive cancelled appointments.  Physicians will receive notification of patient's discharge from the program.

Patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, (with the exception of gestational patients, the pediatric population, and individuals using a pump), are appropriate for referral.