Weekly Session Handouts

Please print off the following handouts before each weekly session and bring them with you. The first group intervention will take place the week after your initial CHANGE assessment.

Goal Setting Handouts

AHS colour Setting Goals for Lifestyle Change

PCN Goal Setting - patient document

​Session 1 Documents

Eat well Live well CFG Health Canada


Week 1 Physical Activity Handouts

​Session 2 Documents

AHS quick-and-easy-meals

PCN Meal Planning Resources

Unlockfood 7 steps for quick and easy menu planning

Strength Training Routine

Optional Handouts

AHS sample-meal-plans-for-healthy-eating

AHS Tips to spend less money on food

AHS wake up to breakfast every day

AHS whats-for-lunch

​Session 3 Documents

AHS Choose whole grains 2016

AHS Fibre Facts 2016


AHS Eat more vegetables and fruit 2016

AHS Foods with fibre pictoral 2017

​Session 4 Documents

Group Lifestyle Balance Mindful Eating

PCN Mindful Eating resources.pdf

​Session 10 Documents

1. 20 Things to Do With A Can of Pulses.pdf

The Scoop on Soy.pdf